Spiritual Horizons in Jyotish Online Conference 2021

With a Tradition of Astrology Leeds Theosophical Society presents Jyotish Online Conference 2021

The webinars are online via Zoom. Each day is £60 and the webinars are limited to 100 participants. To register for each day’s Conference you need to click the links below.

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Friday September 24th

1pm: Gordon Brennan: How Does the Mind Work? What is Spirituality and What is Materialism?

The talk will show how the one birth chart shows both spirituality and materialism. If we understand the difference in the chart it is easy to see the balance.

Formal religion has become like a mountain in our age. In this time of change we need a new spirituality.

3pm: Sonal Sachdeva: Jnana Yogas

Yoga Combinations of Knowledge for Spirituality.

Swami Vivekananda in his discourse on Jñāna Yoga says: “This misery that I am suffering is of my own doing, and that very thing proves that it will have to be undone by me alone.” This is the truth of Swami Vivekananda – clearly encouraging to look within to seek our solutions. That comes from the power of knowing. We have an innate ability to tap into that knowledge within us.

In this talk, Sonal examines the Kārakāṁśa Lagna  (which is the planet and sign of the Atmakaraka in the navamsha chart) and the planets aspecting it, along with the Yoga combinations that highlight the Jñāna knowledge available to the individual to assist in their unique journey and destination. Drawing from some of the Jaimini Sutras and Parasara Principles, these Yogas give us insights and guide us on our Soul Path.

5pm: Andrew Foss: Jyotish and the Yoga Sutras

Jyotish and Yoga have a deep interface. Yoga shows us how to develop that consciousness that can know the past, present and future directly. At the same time, Jyotish helps quiet the mind and overcome our internal obstacles to achieving the Yogic states. This talk looks at some of the key sutras that help illuminate ourselves and Jyotish.

7pm: Bonus Session Andrew Foss Sri Jyoti Star Software Demonstration

Andrew will show some of the exciting new features and functionality in Shri Jyoti Star and how it can help us improve our work as Vedic Astrologers.

Saturday September 25th

1pm: Vijaya Subramanian: Pravrajya Yoga: Combinations for Renunciation

What is renunciation and the meaning of the term will be explored through texts of Bhagavad gīta and upaniṣads.

We will examine the conditions in a horoscope described in classics such as Jātaka Pārijāta and Bṛhat Saṃhita that can give rise to renunciation and how they can be frustrated sometimes. 

3pm: Barry Rosen: Blind Spots & Blocks to Moksha:  Manoeuvring Through the Rivers of Karma in the Natal Moksha Houses

The ability to get off the wheel of karma often takes grace, a Sat Guru and a deep awareness of what unconscious mistakes we are making that block us from being free. Sometimes these are connected to addictive patterns in the 6th house and planets in the 12th house that create unconscious patterns which prevent us from being free. Planets in the other moksha houses like the 4th and the 8th can also create blocks and even our primal urges connected to the 3rd house can keep us bound in lower patterns.

In this talk, Barry Rosen will discuss the blocks and blind spots that cause suffering and keep us trapped on the wheel of karma and how awareness of them can set us free.

5pm: Vijaya Subramanian: What is Your Path to Liberation?

What is liberation? The talk aims to elaborate the meaning of liberation (moksa /mukti) from scriptures such as Tattva Bodhā and Māhā śiva Purānā. We will examine various paths available to an individual by specifically examining the navaṃsā and the cara kārakās to see the path that is our destiny.

Komilla Sutton7pm: Komilla Sutton: Vargas for Chara Dasha

Chara dasha is a rashi based dasha, and each dasha has different lengths depending on where the lord of the rashi is placed. Komilla will explore how to successfully use vargas in chara dasha , an area of knowledge that has not been given much prominence. Navamsha is the most prominent one which must be studied with each chara dasha, but other vargas can be successfully integrated into the analysis to give a deep understanding.

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Sunday September 26th

1pm: Visti Larsen: Guru & God

Following the teachings of Gheranda Samhita we explore how to ascertain the person’s personal affinity to Guru or to God in guiding their spiritual direction, with examples of the saints and seers of lore.

According to Ṛṣi Gheranda, the Guru’s first job is to ascertain whether the Śiṣya has an affinity towards a Guru or a Devatā, and depending on which the Guru imbibes the Śiṣya with a path of the same. Further, if Devatā then a whole process is begun by the Guru to find the Iṣṭa devatā of the person. In this talk we explore how Jyotish can help us ascertain the same.

3pm: Visti Larsen: Chaturyoga

Which path of Yoga is best available to us, and how to ensure that path leads to success? We explore the teachings of Bhagavad Gīta and Śiva Purāṇa on the topic of Yogasadhana.

Which path of Yoga did we pursue in the past life, and which is best available to us now? If we pursue Karma Yoga will we be able to achieve the goal or will it require another path? In this talk we place the 4 yogas in the chart, and weigh which of these four are most supportive and appealing to us.

5pm: Visti Larsen: Rājayoga

Here we explore the differences between the 4 versus 5 yoga, following excerpts of Bhagavad Gita and Śiva Purāṇa, along with a special focus on Rājayoga. Why Rājayoga, how do you pursue this, and what is missing or not in your approach? Can Jyotish help us understand our pursuit of Rājayoga better, and who are those individuals who achieve success in Rājayoga, with examples.

Paul Barker7pm: Paul Barker: Parasara Drig Dasha: Timing of the Divine Vision

The drig dasha method times the points in life when the Supreme Being wishes to ‘see’ the individual soul whose destiny is depicted in the horoscope. The system indicates periods of spiritual illumination. The lecture will discuss applications of drig dasha to illustrate the timing of mystical events such as when one can meet one’s guru, learn jyotish, undertake a pilgrimage, take renunciation, and experience miracles like stigmata. The method employed is the Parasara Drig Dasha system.

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Please note that payment will be made to Dr Paul Barker who is the President of Leeds Theosophical Society.