Nakshatras: Destiny, Dissolution and Remedies Online Conference 2022

With a Tradition of Astrology Leeds Theosophical Society presents:

2022 Jyotish Online Conference October 7th-9th NOW OVER

Friday 7th October

9.30am-11am Sarbani Rath: Nakshatra Gandanta


11.30-1pm Sonal Sachdeva: Vratas Vows: Herbs and Foods of the Nakshatras for Self-Purification and Upliftment of all kinds

Nakshatras when they line up with certain Tithi (Solar-Lunar phase angle) in specific Lunar Months are an excellent time of observing Vrat or vow of fasting for purposes of self-cleansing and spiritual beneficence. Today the fad of ‘intermittent fasting’ has come to stay! Delving deep into the ancient concept of Vrata , and Drawing from the Agamas and the puranas such as Vīra-agama, Saurapuraṇa, Bhavishya purāṇa that have laid a lot of stress on religious fasting or Vratas giving up/ abstinences in terms of food, behaviours etc. As is mentioned in the Nīlamatapurana these vratas are classified for purposes of purification to devotion to acquiring knowledge, to the burning of past karmas and to acquisitions of all kinds of comforts and happiness.

A powerful tool for remedying major problems depends on the deities presiding over vrata such as Saiva, Vaiṣṇava, Sakta, Saura etc.

The talk will also cover herbs and foods conducive for consumption on specific Nakshatras and Lunar Months. For example, it is said that Jaggery should not be consumed in the Lunar Month of Jyaistha. Or in the Month of Vaishakha, one should freely enjoy foods with gram flour or chickpeas.


2.00pm-3.30pm Gordon Brennan: The Navatara Chakra

Navatara refers to the wheel or cycle of 9 stars.  We will look at this cycle in some examples of individual and mundane natal charts, counting from the Moon, which is in the Janma or birth Nakshatra.


 4pm-5.30pm Komilla Sutton: Surya Nakshatras and Destiny

Certain nakshatras from Surya show the karmas that can bring positive or negative events in our lives. In addition, the Sarvatobhadra Chakra shows certain times when destiny is experienced and points to 8 nakshatras which hold the key to our destiny.


Saturday 8th October

9.30am-11am Sarbani Rath: Nakshatra Sandhi


11.30am-1pm John Hall: Ketu Nakshatras, Meditation and Samyamah

Meditation is yoga and its indicator in the horoscope is Ketu. So let us explore Ketu’s role, especially in those nakshatras that it rules, in enabling a person to choose for a stable experience of meditation in their daily life

Also, there exists the yogic practice called Samyamah that is known to us through Sage Patanjali’s classical text, Yoga Sutras. Samyamah is a tool that a person can introduce in order to evaporate any slight resistance to Oneness that may linger within their experience of meditation. The question this topic will explore is, can Ketu reflect on this even further refinement of how a person can maximise meditation as experience?


2pm-3.30pm Sonal Sachdeva: Funnelling of the Karmas Through the Planets Associating with the 27 Nakshatras

Based on an ancient method of Jyothisham – Maravanu (Maravu means Hidden, Anu – Atom), implying the hidden Atom,  which has been around for a long time according to the Tamil Siddha tradition. 

Human DNA has two strands in the form of a helical spiral, winding around a helix axis in a right‑handed spiral. The Kundalini Shakti (Kundalini is a Sanskrit word meaning either “coiled up” or “coiling like a snake.”) in Yoga Sastra, is the divine evolutionary force that enlightens and bestows immortality when activated has a similar structure to the DNA.

Thus, the Kundalini is a heliacal form of the DNA which is self-replicating and the protein builder RNA, which is not self-replicating from the two vital blueprint templates of life.

Fundamentally made up of five organic bases of the DNA & RNA, map to the five heads of Ananta. Thus, Human life’s ultimate pursuit is the great Ananta – Bliss or Moksha.

How is Moksha possible without expelling all the accrued Karmas?

Introducing the concept of the vara chakra (weekday ordering of the Planets) and mapping to the Nakshatras, we explore how vital karma is farmed from the Chandra, Lagna and Surya Nakshatras through these key planets.

4pm-5.30pm Sat Siri: Finding War’s End Using the Magic Prism, Sarvatobhadra Chakra

We will look at the current war of Russia-Ukraine to search for the astrological signal for the end of hostilities. Vedhas or piercing rays between planets in nakshatras bring about dramatic shifts in world events. Major wars erupt according to cycles having to do with Sun-Jupiter conjunctions.

How did the Russian invasion erupt, and what exact markers in the Sarvatobhadra Chakra tracked the beginning middle and expected end?

The Sarvatobhadra Chakra is a great instrument for reading transits as they effect the panchanga, all five tattvas.  Previously I had a class on the basics of how to read SBC.

Komilla Sutton will give a class on understanding this magic prism, during the current conference. It will be helpful to acquaint yourself with the basics. Also in a recent talk I explained what accounts for the outbreak of major wars. You can see this here. It will be helpful but not necessary background. This video is one hour and 26 mins.


Sunday October 9th

Visti Larsen: The Birth (Janma) Nakshatra

Visti will discuss the results as per the classical literature of the birth Nakshatra. How does this change for each Nakshatra, and what are the limits and benefits of your birth Nakshatra?

This will be a full-day workshop from 9am until 5pm with a break for lunch.

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This Conference is now over.

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